Vertiport Chicago and EvoLux Transportation Announce Partnership to Bring Helicopter Ridesharing Service to Midwest

Vertiport Chicago and EvoLux Transportation today announced that they are joining forces to bring helicopter charter ridesharing to Chicago and the greater Midwest. Users departing from or flying into the Chicagoland area via Vertiport Chicago, and surrounding destinations within 200 miles, will now be able to use EvoLux’s helicopter charter marketplace and social reservation platform to book custom helicopter travel. EvoLux allows travelers to identify nearby available helicopters, compare options, and book private “SkyLimo” charters, or organize shared flights by using the platform’s social, SkyShare™ reservation feature. SkyShare reservations are individual seat priced, goal-oriented bookings where travelers leverage their social networks to invite friends, business colleagues or other EvoLux members to join and fill additional seats in their charter request, thus greatly reducing the cost of their ride.
“It doesn’t matter if you are trying to get to an important board meeting in the Loop or wanting to get to the stadium or arena to cheer on your favorite team. We all know the frustration of inching along a Chicagoland highway for an hour or more especially when trying to get to an important meeting or event,” said Anthony Pontarelli, CEO of Vertiport Chicago.
“In a helicopter, we can turn that into less than a 15-minute commute from surrounding suburban airports. Our partnership with EvoLux will now provide that convenience and experience at a per-seat price that is much more obtainable than a partially empty private charter.”

“We’ve had our eye on the Midwest for some time. We were simply waiting for an operation like Vertiport Chicago to fill the void in helicopter infrastructure and support services to expand our offerings. With their facilities outfitted with executive conference rooms and a luxurious reception lounge, together we can provide SkyShare users a seamless VIP experience.” said Ray Leavitt, Founder of EvoLux.“EvoLux’s adoption in other traffic-clogged regions like the greater New York, Los Angeles, and Miami areas proves the demand for an alternative to sitting for hours on an overcrowded highway,” continued Leavitt. “If Uber and Expedia merged to focus on helicopter travel, they would have created EvoLux to disrupt the traditional charter booking process and provide some relief to travelers wanting to rise above the congestion. Additionally, high-end destinations off the beaten path such as wineries, racetracks, golf courses, ski-resorts and casinos who have a hard time attracting their clientele from a distance now have an exhilarating travel option to offer their guests.”

As with Expedia for airline travel, EvoLux users enter their departure city, zip code, or airport code to search for available aircraft in their area, as well as explore helicopter-friendly resorts and destinations to create custom helicopter excursions and staycations. In addition to serving the Chicagoland area, users from areas like Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Peoria and others cities in surrounding states will now have a new option for travel. Helicopter service tends to attract business executives needing a faster option in and out of the city as well as event-based travelers looking to elevate their experience to another level.
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About Vertiport Chicago
Vertiport Chicago marks the return of a dedicated commercial helicopter facility to Chicago with a next generation, full-service landing facility located downtown featuring state-of-the-art amenities. Launched in April 2015, Vertiport is North America’s largest and Chicago’s only vertical helicopter landing facility. The company’s expansive facility serves as a Fixed Base Operation (FBO) for helicopter owners and operators and is located on ten acres of land boasting 30,000 square feet of hangar space, 11,700 square feet of office space, a 24-hour refueling station, a single take off and landing spot and eight helicopter parking spots. Vertiport’s location in the Illinois Medical District has made the FBO an ideal hub for EMS services. In addition to medical support, Vertiport Chicago offers helicopter charter flight services and sightseeing tours. Whether serving EMS professionals, corporate clientele, private aircraft owners or visitors to Chicago, Vertiport keeps safety and user experience as its top mission.

About EvoLux Transportation
EvoLux Transportation is a travel technology company who has developed a patent-pending global marketplace and reservation distribution system for regional helicopter travel. EvoLux was recognized by Sikorsky Innovations as the winner of their 2013 Global Entrepreneurial Challenge for its paradigm shifting social reservation and helicopter distribution platform. EvoLux’s mission is to advance the private regional air-travel industry with operational efficiencies that will shift the economics and make private regional travel more affordable and accessible. Users of the company’s reservation system and app can reserve private helicopter travel via SkyLimo service or share a charter with others using SkyShare™, an FAA Part-135 compliant per-seat reservation system. EvoLux is expanding across the nation to give time-starved executives and experience-intense event goers a new alternative to traffic snarled roadways. The platform is an example of the collaborative economy, an economic movement where common technologies enable people to get the goods and services they need at a lower price point using their peer-to-peer network.

Patty Rioux
President, Prism Insights

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