DHL Launches Helicopter Delivery Service in Chicago

Shipping service DHL on Tuesday introduced an over-the-top way to get your international package from O’Hare airport to downtown in the morning without it sitting in rush-hour traffic.

On Tuesday, DHL launched helicopter service in Chicago to provide early-morning deliveries of urgent documents, a service aimed at financial and legal firms, the company said.

Instead of sitting in traffic, documents can be transported from O’Hare in 12 minutes by its bright-yellow chopper, improving delivery time by about two hours on days the service is available, Tuesday through Friday, DHL said.

Joe Yates, area operations manager for DHL in Chicago, said using the helicopter is part of upgrading service, without additional cost to the customer. “We don’t charge anything extra for it,” Yates said.┬áChicago is the fourth city to get DHL’s helicopter service, after New York, Los Angeles and London. DHL said it is the only express delivery company in the U.S. to use helicopters for deliveries

“We have received tremendous customer feedback on our helicopter service in both New York and L.A., so it seemed natural that we would bring this innovative delivery method to Chicago, which also is a bustling financial epicenter,” Parra said in a statement.

International shipments destined for Chicago enter the U.S. for processing at a DHL hub in Cincinnati before connecting to a flight bound for the O’Hare International Airport, the company said. Shipments are then separated, loaded into the DHL helicopter and transported to the Vertiport Chicago in the Illinois Medical District. From there, a DHL courier provides delivery over “the final mile.”

In Chicago, the DHL helicopter is a 40-foot-long Bell 206B3 Jet Ranger operated for DHL by Helimotion of Joliet, the company said. The chopper can transport up to 650 pounds of letters and packages.

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DHL Launches Helicopter Delivery Service in Chicago –

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